Methamphetamine drug testing entails an analysis of the chemical reaction performed on a biological specimen to detect the presence of methamphetamine metabolites in the person’s body. It can be done using hair, urine, blood, or oral fluid.

The most common drug test administered in the workplace and schools is urine drug testing. Methamphetamine Drug Test Strips are built into instant kits like the 10 Panel CLIA Waived Magenta Dip Card to provide rapid results. When a person has positive drug test results, it means that person has recently used methamphetamine or some other drugs.

Drug testing for methamphetamine helps authorities assess whether or not the person has recently used the drug. This is helpful, especially during forensic investigations. Parents can also administer methamphetamine drug testing through the use of methamphetamine drug test kits to ensure a drug-free family.

Detection Period

Detection period is the timeframe of how long the drugs can be detected in the biological sample. This will vary based on the drugs being tested for and by the person being tested. The detection period depends on the drug class, amount and frequency of use, age, and overall health.

According to LabCorp, for a methamphetamine urine drug test, the detection period is 3 to 5 days; for a hair test it is up to 90 days and for blood and oral fluid, it is within 12 hours.