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Twin Zygosity - 2 Siblings - Legally Admissible DNA Test
Twin Lineage Legal

Twin Zygosity - 2 Siblings - Legally Admissible DNA Test

Part Number DDC TWIN
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Test Type
Legally Admissible Test
Lab Processing Timeframe (Guaranteed)
Standard = 5 to 7 Business Days
Express = 2 to 3 Business Days [+$70.00]
Next Day [+$350.00]
Notarized Hardcopy of Test Results - Shipping Options help
Standard = 3 to 5 Business Days
Express = 2 to 3 Business Days [+$20.00]
Next Day [+$50.00]
Would You Like A Courtesy Phone Call to Review Results?
Additional People to Test help
Sample Type / Additional Samples to Test help
Standard Mouth/Cheek Swab - Included
Hair Sample [+$100.00]
Skin Sample [+$100.00]
Finger/Toe Nail Clipping [+$100.00]
Garment/Under Garment [+$100.00]
Semen Sample [+$100.00]
Toothbrush/Teeth [+$100.00]
Sample Collection Method help
At Home (included kit)
1 Test Subject - Professionally Collected [+$35.00]
2 Test Subject - Professionally Collected [+$70.00]
3 Test Subject - Professionally Collected [+$105.00]
Sample Donor help

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You have selected the Legally Admissible Twin Zygosity DNA Test.  Please select your processing options below to complete your order.  Thank you for selecting AllTests for your DNA testing needs.
Tested Parties
2 siblings
Most accurate test
in industry
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(CLIA) Clinical Laboratory Improvement Ammendments

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